Registration for 2019-2020 PROGRAM OPEN!

We welcome all students to register in grades Prek4 through 8th grade. 


FEES:  Grades PreK through 8th:  $45 for 1 child, $80 for 2 children and $100 for a family- 3 or more. 

REGISTRATION: Registration begins in July for the program start in August. Registration is continuously accepted. A student must complete 20 hours of class time to receive credit for the year. Students who fail to achieve 20 hours will need to make up their hours missed. For this reason, parents are encouraged to make this program a priority for their child. 

Please fill out a registration.  Hard copy information and forms are available in the parish office (Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm) and in the church.


Religious Education Program

The primary purpose of Our Saviour’s Religious Education Program is faith formation. Faith formation is an ongoing development of the whole person into the image and likeness of Jesus Christ. Our Religious Education Program is a School of Discipleship that strives to provide a solid foundation in our faith - age-appropriate to the students in our program. Students are encouraged to begin formal religion classes in the PREK4 GRADE of Public or Private (non-Catholic) Schools.

Students who do not attend a Catholic School/Academy are encouraged to enroll in our Religious Education Program which meets once a week for 60 minutes a session on Sundays – as outlined in the calendar. This year we have scheduled 25 weeks.

Another purpose of our Religious Education Program is sacramental preparation.
Although, students who are enrolled in Our Saviour’s School do not need to attend Religious Education, they will be prepared to receive the sacraments within the Parish Preparation Program. The celebration of the sacraments will take place within the parish celebration.

BAPTISM: Children 7 years of age and younger are considered infants. Please consult the information on Infant Baptism. Children who are seven years of age and older must attend our parish RCIA for children formation.

FIRST RECONCILIATION (Confession): Students are instructed in the Sacrament of Reconciliation before First Holy Communion; and are given the opportunity to celebrate First Reconciliation BEFORE FIRST HOLY COMMUNION.

FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: Students must attend Religious instruction classes for TWO YEARS in order to receive FIRST HOLY COMMUNION.

CONFIRMATION: Students must be in the NINTH GRADE or older to receive the sacrament of Confirmation. The students must also possess knowledge of the faith. Therefore, students must attend faith formation classes for TWO YEARS in order to receive the sacrament of Confirmation; Contact:  Ashley Ell, Youth Minister.  ADULTS (18 years of age & older) who have not received sacraments are invited to inquiry about sacramental preparation for Adults (RCIA).

SPECIAL NEEDS: Parents are asked to please speak with Marita Borer concerning any special needs which your child might have – medical, educational or social.  Persons with developmental disabilities may celebrate the sacraments with catechesis and preparation adapted to their unique needs.

 L.I.F.E:  (Love, Infatuation, Friendship, Exploitation)  It is a mandated diocesan Safe Environment prevention program. L.I.F.E. delivers age appropriate and effective instruction to the children and parents of the parish in the awareness and avoidance of situations that pose harm to children and young people.  L.I.F.E. will be presented in the classroom during regular instruction time. Parents are most welcome to attend and will receive all materials presented.


Ministry Opportunities for Young People

Our Saviour’s provides many opportunities for children to serve in their faith community.

YOUTH READERS serve by reading at the Sunday Masses. Karol Michelfelder, 321-783-4554 x102

ALTAR SERVERS assist by serving at the Sunday Masses.  Tommie Cullifer, 804-214-0823

MUSIC PROGRAM invites children to participate in its children's choir (youth choir). Phil Black, Director of Youth Music.  321-783-4554 x115

YOUTH EXTRAORDINARY MINISTERS OF HOLY COMMUNION.  Youth who have been confirmed serve in this capacity on Sundays. Stephen Bailey, 321-783-4554

Religious Education Contact:

  • Marita Borer, Director of Religious Education, 321-783-4554 x 109

Please fill out a registration.  Hard copy information and forms are available in the parish office (Monday – Friday from 9am-5pm) and in the church.