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How do I become Catholic?

To become Catholic you must go through a process called The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults or 'RCIA'. RCIA is a communal process of spiritual and educational formation for adults who seek to become full members of the Roman Catholic Church through a conversion of mind and heart.

The process is open to all persons, regardless of religious background or philosophical persuasion, who genuinely seek, by God’s grace, to live their lives in the distinctive Catholic Christian faith.


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We are always here to answer any questions you may have regarding the Catholic faith. Please feel free to email Beth Murphy at any time.

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Testimonies from our parishioners on why they became Catholic...

My fiance was Catholic.  I was raised Baptist, but I really wasn't anything.  When I realized I was wrong, about everything, I began asking and researching about Our Holy Mother. I truly believe she took me by the hand and brought me into the Church. It was as though I could hear her sayings "Come meet my Son." When I came to the Church I knew I was where I was suppose to be. I found people who welcomed me and became family. Saint Clare was praying for me and I was very inspired by her life. I had made heavenly friends and did not even realize it. So yes, it just made sense and I began to believe. As Saint Augustine said "because I believe I understand."  Anna
  My father was brought up Catholic but married outside the church for personal reasons. I was raised Methodist and my family was very active in the church.
    My wife of 39 years came from a Catholic family and we have brought our children up Catholic. Although I have always attended mass with my family, I never felt a part of the actual Catholic faith.  God led us to Our Saviour Church and consequently, my wife was able to receive an annulment and I was able to become a Catholic through the RCIA process.
    This was an answer to prayer for all of us. There is no better family than this one. Thank you to everyone for making this possible.
John Liptak
John and his wife Mary

John and his wife Mary

My mother was Catholic but was treated roughly at the church so she left and went to the Lutheran Church.  It was a long road back to the Catholic Church for me. My mother's experiences coupled with my own impressions made it difficult for me to trust the Catholic Church.  It was truly amazing that the Bishop of Brooklyn NY presided at our Reception into the Church since my husband is from NYC.
Mary Jo and JoJo

Mary Jo and JoJo

We have been married for 41 years. We have been baptized believers since we were children. Larry was raised in the Church of Christ. I was raised Free Will Baptist. For unity’s sake we primarily attended and served in the Church of Christ. As the decades passed we found that our Christian experience and the Holy Scriptures did not mesh with the teachings of the Church of Christ, nor any other denomination. The tapestry of teaching was too thin and there were too many holes. The Catholic Church was not even a consideration. This created a quandary.
Our son married a young Catholic girl he had met in high school. I had encouraged him to date her, never thinking he might marry her! Our daughter and her husband were active in the Baptist Church. They too were unhappy and searching for an answer. She felt she was being led to Catholicism. That was disturbing. The year of 2012 Larry and I decided to investigate the teachings of the Catholic Church. Night after night we watched Catholic teaching DVD’s. Night after night I said, “I cannot imagine how they can convince me to believe this questionable doctrine.” They did. Autumn 2012, Larry and I started to attend RCIA at Our Saviour’s. In March 2013 we were confirmed into the Catholic Church.
“To the extent that we nourish ourselves on Christ and are in love with Him, we feel within us the incentive to bring others to Him: Indeed we cannot keep the joy of the faith to ourselves; we must pass it on.” Pope Benedict XVI
— Larry & Lee Roberts
I am married with three children. My twin sons are in first grade at the school. We were married in the Catholic church and our children are being raised Catholic. I am in the Coast Guard reserves and was deployed for a year. Being separated from my family actually drew me closer to them and helped me to realize how important our shared faith is. That is why I started attending the Inquiry sessions but soon found out that I desired a stronger, deeper faith.
— Christopher DeMont
I married my wife here at Our Saviour’s nearly 42 years ago. When she passed away I began to attend Mass every Sunday with my sister-in-law and son, and I felt this is what I had been missing in my life. I have 3 grown sons and 1 grandson. The Catholic faith has brought comfort and strength for me and given me the ability to help my family in our sorrow.
— Gene Rasmussen

Join us on Sundays after the 10:15 am Mass in the Church Office Conference Room. Call Johanna Wigman at 321-506-3333 or Jessie Fletcher at 321-961-6174 for more information. Johanna and Jessie provide instructive sessions to help you to find the answers you are seeking.

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