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Adult Religious Ed., Bible Study, and/or Small Christian Community  - you choose

Bible Study Wednesday Evening

 at 6:30 in the Angel Room until June 6th

 contact Beth to register 321-783-4554 ext. 114

Psalms: The School of Prayer

Small Christian Communities

·         "A small Christian community is a face-to-face gathering of six to twelve people who invest time with one another for the common purpose of applying gospel values to every aspect of their lives."  Small Christian Communities: A Vision of Hope for the 21st Century.”  From RENEW International.  

Small Christian Communities (SCC) are made up of parishioners who gather weekly in homes or on church grounds to discuss the upcoming Sunday readings. After opening with a prayer, participants go over the Sunday readings and study the commentaries prepared by Fr. Eamon Tobin.

For information on how to start or join a group contact Beth Murphy at 321-783-4554 ext. 114