Easy Does It

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September 15, 2017

My very dear parishioners,

“Easy does it!” 

This is one of the mottos that guides the Alcoholics Anonymous program.  It is very fitting for all of us in these days.  We have all been through something that is a category of violence, leaving us all traumatized.  All of us have absorbed a lot, and will probably not be fully aware of just how off balance we are.  So, let’s say to each other: “Easy does it!” 

I know everyone will be delighted to be back and see each other at the masses this weekend after our time away…on the run…in hiding…refugees all of us.  I can’t praise enough the magnificent job done by our parish maintenance team and volunteers and staff to clean up our grounds and make all our spaces safely accessible again.  They did miracles and did it all with huge smiles…while sweating up a storm.

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

 Certainly our hearts go out to so many who have taken various kinds of “hits” to their home and to their property and to their health.  The stories continue to come in.  Share them; listen to each other’s story; take them all to prayer.  It is the way the Spirit heals us all; forms us as Church; and, gives new birth to the Lord’s mission within our hearts, minds and bodies.

I have a VERY dear friend of many, many years who I call one of the “statistics” of the storm.  His death from the stress and the consequent stroke remind us of our vulnerability which reveals itself in many ways.  Next week I will be celebrating his funeral in Daytona.

“Easy does it!”

 I am really torn as I have to be out of the parish this coming weekend.  For many months now I have been scheduled to go to Holy Redeemer Parish in Kissimmee to do the annual Sister Diocese Appeal collection at their 5 parish masses (English and Spanish).  I would really like to be here to see all of you as we come back together to thank God for all the graces we have received in these days.  So, I will have to join you in spirit, but know I will be with you heart to heart.  You will be in good hands: Fr. Peter Sagorski (who is a parishioner – one of our own) will preside at the Saturday 4 p.m. mass; Fr. Jim Lackenmier (a Holy Cross priest who lives here in Cape Canaveral) will preside at the Sunday 8 and 10:15 a.m. masses; and, Fr. Heslin will preside at the 12:15 p.m. mass.

With all my love,

Father Fred