Father Ruse's latest Adventure

“Are you really 15 years old?”

That was the question on Osiri’s face as he looked at Narso.  Osiri is one of my best friends – and that of many in our mountain communities – who works at the birth certificate office.  He is a human computer.  His office is wall to wall books for all sorts of years recording births, marriages, etc.  And, he can remember all of them with barely a prompt.  He has an eye and a memory that is bionic without the bionics.  It’s amazing.  I could walk in and ask him about someone and he would pause, turn and pull a book from the shelf and then find the page…

So, no wonder he looked at Narso with a questioning look.

Narso is 15 years old, born March 7, 2002 (actually we “made up” the day as no one really knows; the year and month, yes; but the day, no).  His size however suggests that maybe he is 10 or 11 at the most.  That’s poverty for you; that’s poor nutrition.  Of course Narso has many other problems that might be contributing to his growth limits.

When I took Milanda, his mother, to register Narso for his birth certificate the surprise that God had for us was that Narso’s father also came (Narso and his dad, Marino, live together in one of our communities – Los Jengibres).  I could not have planned it better even if I had planned it.  It is always better if a child has both the name of their father and mother on their birth certificate.  I had not even thought about his father signing the book much less thinking he had his legal document to do so.  But that’s how it worked out.  It’s a good thing that I am not “really” in charge.   It was stupendous!

 In these photos you see Osiri looking at Narso…wondering; you see Narso…; you see Narso getting his picture and fingerprints documented…; you see Marino, Narso’s dad, signing the birth certificate book…; you see a celebration given to us by the birth certificate office people in their personal kitchen…and helping Milanda hold the coffee cup.

All of this on one day: that’s the abundance of Jesus turning water into wine.