National Life Chain

Life Chain 2017 was amazing!  The rains held off for us...until later after 5 p.m. when it seemed that a deluge came upon CB.  Sandi Adams was terrific in all her planning and prep.  We were very blessed with her dedication to this...and her good spirit.  She was so joyful all the way...not ever a discouraging word. And why shouldn't all our folks engaged in ministry look and sound like that?!? 

There were 54 participants.  It's a great spot for something like this...A1A...traffic light...Sunday.  Even the pastor of Cape Canaveral Lutheran Church joined us.  And, a fair turn out of our youth.  The youth kept everyone with water.

I love the photo: the oldest and the youngest person on the witness line - sort of makes it clear that no one gets a "Pass" on witnessing.  There was Kevin Anderson...the first to hit the pavement...with a great backdrop photo of "Cheaters" behind him.